Why We Started

Hey there, unknown visitor of our little territory among the vast Internet space!

We’re Kate and Greg – two semi-retired digital nomads, and we love coziness.

What’s coziness, you might ask???

Well, the possibilities are endless.

For us, coziness means arranging your own home the way you want. Being one with it.

For some of our guest authors – like Mike, our car guru, a wild off-road adventure can also qualify as something cozy.

It’s all subjective, yet we created this website to share our different takes on what the concept of coziness can actually feel like.

To us, coziness – and the pursuit of it, can be both a lifestyle and a mindset. It doesn’t need to be something purely physical.

If you’re interested in writing for us, or want to propose a collaboration: our mail is info @ cozystream.com 🙂

Here are our short intros:

We longed for the coziness that Place Called Home brings. There’s no better feeling!

Together with our guest authors, we have a simple goal: to help you with guides and tips on creating your own awesome lifestyle.

Greg Jameson

Greg Jameson


I love tea, giving numerous men’s lifestyle pieces of advice and the odd DIY project around the house.

The travel bug bit me later than some other digital nomads, but I don’t regret it. It’s been a wonderful journey.

Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson

Co-founder & Inspirer

Adventurer. I’m into cute things, drink too much espresso and write about whatever happens to be on my mind.

Careful with giving me a camera: I’ll start frantically looking for the most exciting shots in the vicinity.

Why are you so obsessed with “coziness”?

For quite a bit we traveled across the world while working remotely. You might’ve heard the term “digital nomad”.

That’s exactly what we did.

Many people paint being a digital nomad with the brush of something that’s totally carefree, a dream-come-true and other mainly positive things. And indeed it can be an eye-opening experience that expands your horizons.

Our travels took us from ancient caves with mesmerizing atmosphere in the depths of Sri Lanka:

To urbanized, densely populated Japanese cities, vibrating with the evening chatter and energy of thousands of people roaming neon-lit streets:

During our journeys, however, we realized something:

Traveling so often is thrilling and exciting, but it can also get quite tiring.

Not to mention that coziness can be a distant concept when you have to move around so much.

So we decided to pack it up, at least for now. Home was calling back for us. We wanted our set location back, with its predictability, security and yes – the well-established coziness we had always known.

We hope you’ll like the pieces of coziness we share our opinions on. You can expect various reviews, tips, guides or just freestyle content that relates to a convenient, comfortable and fulfilling daily life.