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Bridesmaids pay a very important part at every wedding. This means that there are a series of rule and a wedding etiquette that you have to follow if you have agreed to be part of a bridal party. Luckily, we are here to help you with some pointers.

As a bridesmaid, you need to understand that it’s perfectly normal for the bride to be a little stressed out on her wedding day. Your job is to support her in every way, to help her solve certain problems that may arise or even to solve those problems for her, if you can. If you’re lucky enough to be part of a wedding that goes smoothly, then your most important task will be to help the bride get dressed and look her best when the groom arrives.

However, your job starts before the actual wedding day, so here are some things that you need to know and prepare for.

1. Your dress – The wedding etiquette states that a bridesmaid has to pay for her own dress. Even so, in most cases, the bride will have certain requirements related to the style and color of the dress which has to match the overall theme of the wedding. If the bride wants you to wear a dress that exceeds your wedding budget, you need to specify that beforehand. In most cases, the bride will either offer to give you part of the money for the dress, or pay it entirely, in which case, the wedding etiquette requires you to accept the offer. The length of your dress is also important. Rules say that it should not be longer than the dress of the bride. If the ceremony is held during the day, but the reception is in the evening, then you need a longer, cocktail dress for the reception.

2. Your accessories – The bridesmaid is generally responsible for choosing her own shoes and accessories. That doesn’t mean the bride will not intervene with her own opinions related to the color and the style of the shoes. It is also accustomed for the bride to buy an accessory for the bridesmaid, in the form of a gift. In such a case, you need to wear the gift at the wedding.

3. The bachelorette party – Traditionally, the bridesmaid is the one responsible with all financial and organizational aspect of such a party. That means that you choose the location, are in charge of inviting all the girls, need to take care of food and drinks and other things required to plan a party. If there is more than one bridesmaid, the cost is generally divided between the girls.

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