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Thanks to the influence brought by the royal British couple, 2015 wedding trends are all about this “British invasion”. Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular. Tables are often left uncovered or decorated with an antique lace tablecloth. Want more advice on what 2015 weddings will look like? Keep reading!

  1. Top-notch flowers – Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and other such flowers are still in the top trends for this year’s wedding. They are dramatic, romantic and versatile and perfect for a more traditional or relaxed wedding.
  2. Greens – Rosemary or mint, lemon leafs, magnolia leafs, ferns and ivy are really inspiring if they are used with creativity as part of your wedding décor. Not only are they useful for decorating chairs and tables, but they can also be included in your cocktail menus, to redefine outdoors tents or to decorate chandeliers.
  3. Decorations – Shiny wrappers are trending this year: boxes wrapped up in colorful paper, packages tied with ribbons, leather ropes or boxes adorned with dry flowers.
  4. Selfies – Couples are saving money for more fun activities, so engagement photos will turn into selfies in 2015. Formal portraits are still trending, but there’s nothing like a really cute selfie to announce your engagement on Facebook.
  5. Sophisticated drinks – Sangria is one of the top drinks for your 2015 wedding. It comes in shades that vary from white to pink and even intense red. Lemonade with all sorts of flavors is going to look amazing on your wedding tables. This year, couples are turning their attention from the classical champagne to cocktails and colorful combinations of drinks.
  6. Table arrangements – Interactions between your guests is a really big deal. And nothing really beats tables arranged in a familiar manner to start a wedding conversation.
  7. Desserts – Cream butter frosting is still trending this year, together with sweets in as many geometrical shapes as possible.
  8. The wedding cake – Couples choose cake flavors that remind them of family and childhood and even first dates. Lavender and coconut are just a couple of examples.
  9. Music – Oldies are coming back as couples are looking to play old song, but sang with a different approach at their wedding.

9 Wedding Trends That Brides Need To Know


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