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If you want to exude sexiness and class as a bride, you should wear an off-the-shoulder wedding dress at your wedding. Walk down the aisle in your gorgeous wedding dress and leave your groom and guests in awe of your beauty and your choice of dress.

In order to go shopping for an off-the-shoulder dress, you can look online and at specialty stores to find a dress that meets your requirements. In the event you do not find the type of dress you are looking for, you can opt for the customization option. Pick a dress and customize it according to your style and vision. For now, here is a list of off the shoulder wedding dresses that you can choose from:

1. Set the Mood for Romance

To pull off a classy look, look for off-shoulder wedding dresses with a long form-fitting gown and a long flowing tail. Crocheted lace around the base of the wedding dress and around the sleeves will add to the wedding dress’s elegance. Even though these are just small details, they are enough to make a simple wedding dress even more glamorous. Add waves to your hair and let them loose.

2. Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit

We are calling out all unconventional brides who do not want to wear an off-the-shoulder wedding dress on their special day. If you are an unconventional bride, look for cold shoulder jumpsuits. You will feel comfortable, stylish, and unique in your jumpsuit.

When you are looking for a white off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, choose a jumpsuit with a classic design featuring a graceful neckline, twisted and overlapped in the front to resemble the neckline of a traditional neckline of a wedding dress.

It is a mix of both traditional and modern. For an unconventional who dares to do something different, an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit will definitely make you stand out from the rest of the brides wearing wedding dresses. Sleek your hair back in an updo with a bun on the back.

3. Clean, Chic, and Modern

You do not always need a lot of detailing, embroidery, and embellishments on your off-the-shoulder wedding dress to dazzle your guests and make your groom fall in love with you all over again. You will find a wide range of modern and plain off-the-shoulder wedding dresses.

The only thing about the dress that is not plain is its off-the-shoulder style. Go for a wedding dress with a wide, fold-over style of the shoulders. The style of the gown will be tight from the top and loose from the bottom with a soft, ruffled fall at the base. Go for a messy open hairstyle.

4. Fairytale Wedding

Have you ever dreamed of having a fairytale-themed wedding? Do you wish to wear a wedding dress made for a princess? You can either get a bespoke wedding dress, resembling a dress worn by your favorite Disney princess or you can go for this option instead.

Look for light blue and gray off-the-shoulder wedding dresses with flowing tulle. Wear your hair in an updo to show all angles of the dress. If you want to steer away from blue, gray, and white, you can choose a light, baby pink wedding dress or even a nice mauve color will look good.

5. Boho Style

If you are having your wedding outdoors or at the beach or on an island destination, you can wear a Boho off-the-shoulder wedding dress. Wear a Boho style wedding dress if the location for your wedding is the forest or if the backdrop will be a waterfall or lake.

Boho wedding dresses made of lace and mesh are the most commonly used materials for this type of wedding dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves an added bonus. Leave your hair flowing and wear a headband on your head to complete the look.

6. The Look of the Greeks

You will not only feel but also look like a Greek goddess in this off-the-shoulder flowing draped wedding dress. The graceful wedding dress has a satin ribbon at its waist and a cold shoulder style with sleeves dropping down elegantly on the arms. It cannot get any classier than this wedding dress style. You need to go for a braided hairstyle.

7. Fashionable Bows

For high fashion brides, a wedding dress with large bows, tied at the arm gives this off-the-shoulder dress a dramatic and classic style. Adding to the elegance of the dress is the lovely silk material used to create this classic high-end fashion look. This is one way brides can look glamorous and stunning on their special day. Go for an updo hairstyle and pair the dress with dangling diamond earrings.

8. Completely Traditional

Do you want to wear a completely traditional off-the-shoulder wedding dress style? If you do, consider looking for traditional wedding dresses. The strapless wedding dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves gives brides a classic and classy look. You will look like a princess in this type of wedding dress style. You can wear a tiara with the wedding dress.

9. Floral Style

Floral style off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are anything but ordinary. These extraordinary floral style wedding dresses have a floral pattern with a bodice type corset and long trumpet train. You can leave your hair open, hanging loose down your shoulders. If you want, add a floral crown or band to it.

What did you think of this list of off-the-shoulder wedding dresses? If one of the off-the-shoulder wedding dress styles caught your attention, you can start your hunt for a wedding dress similar to it.

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