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Congratulation for tying the knot! Now that the wedding has passed, it’s time for the honeymoon and you can switch to full relax mode. Well, in reality, there are still some things that you have to take care of before being able to truly enjoy your new marital status…

1. Preserving the wedding gown
Aside from all the beautiful memories, your wedding dress is one of the most important things that need to be preserved as a post-wedding memory. Who knows, maybe your fashion taste is so awesome that your daughter or granddaughter will want to get married in that same dress. No matter the case, the wedding dress was one of your most expensive items. Unless you decide to sell it and get back some of that cash you’ve spent, you need to consider preserving the dress. In order to do that, you need to get the dress dry cleaned as soon as possible, preferably after your trash-the-dress photo session (if any).

Thank You note

2. Writing (and sending) “Thank You” notes
Unless you’ve handed them out together with your wedding favors, thank you notes are a great part of any post-wedding arrangement. You want to be thankful to all those that took their time to be with you on the most important day of your life… and also to thank them for the magnificent wedding presents they bought.

3. Pay all your wedding vendors
Some wedding vendors ask to be paid in advance and some require payment immediately after the wedding. But if there is any vendor that you postponed and have yet to pay, make sure you handle that in the next days after the wedding. Also, if the services they provided were impeccable, you might want to send some thank you notes (or write an online review / testimonial) and even send them some small gifts as well.

4. Order the wedding album
Make sure that you get together with your photographer and make the selection for the photo album. Some photographers, especially those that have lots of events booked, are pretty busy, so the sooner you choose the album format and the photos that you want included, the sooner you will get your hands on one of the most amazing memories of a beautiful wedding. And while you are at it, make sure to talk to the videographer as well so that he can give you the footage of the wedding day.

5. Take down the wedding website
In modern day society, there are lots of brides that opt for a wedding website. After the wedding, you can upload there your wedding photos and just (re)send the link to everyone who was attending.

6. Sell the items you don’t need
When we’re planning our wedding, we are tempted to buy the shiniest, most colorful and sparkling decorations that we find. When the wedding is over, we end up owning 20 table centerpieces that we don’t need. What to do with them? They can easily be sold on eBay or you can give them to another friend who’s getting married. Keep just one and get rid of the rest, you probably won’t need them ever again.

7. Return registry items
In same cases, brides end up having the same item more than once or they receive something they haven’t registered for. Whatever the case, make sure that you return the items you don’t need to the store. You can get store credit and buy some other stuff that you want.

8. Change your name – Not all brides are willing to take their husband’s name. But those that do, have a lot of paper work to fill. Not only do you need to change your ID, but also your driver’s license, your passport, your credit card and all other bank informations. These matters need to be handled urgently because if you have a different name and a non-valid passport, you may end up having troubles leaving for your honeymoon. Of course, make sure you are aware of the local laws, as these things differ from state to state.

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