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Needless to say that every bride dreams of the perfect wedding. Even if we spent a lot of time thinking of the big I DO day, chances are that something, at least one thing, will go wrong. Why? Because there is a pattern of mistakes and misconceptions that brides have stuck to the back of their head as they are planning their wedding. Either constrained by wedding tradition or by the sympathetic need to take into account your mother’s opinion at all times, you might find yourself drawing the line and seeing that there were some many things that you could have done better and different.

We’ve gathered the top 8 things that brides really need to stop doing.


  1. Don’t overreact with spending money. We all want an unforgettable wedding, but beautiful doesn’t always have to be the equivalent of expensive. You can’t save money when purchasing the wedding dress, but you can do so when it comes to decorations, menu, number of guests, etc. It would be a shame if you wedding left you way to broke to enjoy some other things with your husband. So why not save as much as you can on the wedding so that you can have some extra cash on your honeymoon?
  2. Don’t procrastinate. I know it’s hard to take time off work or from your other usual activities to plan the wedding. This is exactly why brides tend to leave things for the last minute. Well, the more activities you procrastinate, the more you have to deal with in a short time right before the wedding. Schedule your wedding on time, establish the ceremony details, find your vendors, buy your dress. If you can start doing all that the second day after you’ve said YES, you’ll find yourself way more relaxed the week before the wedding.
  3. Don’t save money on your photographer. Or your videographer for that matter. If you want to save money on wedding planning, this is not the place to start. Maybe because these are the only 2 wedding vendors that will provide you with the memories of a lifetime. While the videographer is filming something, the photographer may be focused on something else and may capture another beautiful moment going on at the same time.
  4. Don’t listen to just every word of advice. Your close relatives will want to be part of this wedding as much as they can. Your in-laws may be the first ones tempted to cross the line when it comes to giving their own insight on the wedding. They may have a different approach on the wedding dress you should buy. Your own mother probably wants you to wear the same wedding dress she wore 25-30 years ago. They may like certain wedding decoration that you simply find horrible. Never make compromises that you are not comfortable with. It’s your wedding, not theirs. It’s your most important day, not theirs. When you need a second opinion when shopping, take someone who’s tastes are similar to your with you.
  5. Don’t invite people you don’t like to your wedding. I have often attended weddings where brides didn’t even know the last game of every guest. “I’m not sure, he’s a friend of my father” What’s the point of having people you don’t even know present on the most important day of your life? Even more, if you have that one work colleague that always makes a fool of himself at parties, you probably want to avoid sending him an invitation. The last think you want on your wedding day is a drunken guy causing a scene.
  6. Don’t force traditions on yourself. Every wedding is defined by some traditions. Everyone expects the bride and groom dance, cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet, etc. If, for some reason, certain traditions are uncomfortable to your of your spouse, no one should force you to do it. The phrase “you have to do this, it’s tradition and it would be embarrassing not to do you” has no place on your wedding day.
  7. Don’t settle for a few music genres. Especially if your guests are aged anything from 18 to 60. You want everyone to eventually stand up and enjoy dancing on a couple of songs. If you choose a band to play at your wedding, make sure that you go see them at another wedding first, to make sure they can cover most music styles. If you hire a DJ, don’t hesitate to make a playlist suggestion.
  8. Don’t skip your honeymoon. When you plan out the budget of your wedding, make sure you set some money aside for your honeymoon. You should never skip this trip because it has a great impact on your newly-wed life.

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