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As the mother of the bride, guests will be coming up to you to congratulate you on the marriage of your daughter. Even though all eyes will be on your daughter, you will also be the center of attention due to your direct relation with the bride. That is why it is important to choose a dress that will make you stand out on your daughter’s special day.

If you want to look like the mother of the bride in all of its true essence, you need to shop like one. Just as your daughter will shop for her wedding dress months in advance, you should follow suit. If you are searching for a short mother of the bride dress, we have some awesome tips to share with you. After all, you want to look stunning on your child’s wedding day, and if wearing a short dress is the way to go about it, so be it.

So, why are these tips necessary?

When it comes to looking for a short dress, a lot can go wrong. Finding the perfect short dress for the mother of the bride is tricky with the chances of making the wrong decision high. You can prevent yourself from regretting your short dress decision for your daughter’s wedding day by following these tips:

1. YOU Need to Choose, Not Others

Your daughter or best friend may tag along with you for dress shopping. Even though you value their advice, you do not want to become too influenced by them, especially if your heart is set on a certain short dress you saw at a store but left it because they didn’t like it. When you are searching for a dress for yourself, ensure the last opinion is yours.

2. Dare to Go Different

Is the mother of the groom wearing a long dress but you want to wear a short dress? They say that both the mother of the groom and bride should wear same-length dresses, so it looks good for the wedding pictures. What if you propose that idea and the mother of the groom does not agree? We say don’t ask, just do it. You should wear what you like on your daughter’s big day instead of following tradition to the tee.

3. Coordinate with or Match Your Dress with the Maid of Honor’s Dress

You don’t need to match their length, but if you want, you can match the color of their dress. You can ask the maid of honor what color her dress is and then shop for a short dress. You can also check out collections that specifically create short mother of the bride dresses, as they will have more options when it comes to both color and length.

4. Shop for a Short Dress at a Specialty Store

Instead of shopping for a short dress at a large department store, you need to shop for one at a specialty store. Most mothers of brides go to large department stores without realizing that they have generic and every day dresses.

Since it is not an everyday type of day, you need to schedule an appointment with a specialty store that specifically caters to brides and their mothers, mothers of grooms, maids of honor, and bridesmaids. They can definitely assist you in your search for a short dress.

5. Comfort Before Fashion

You will come across various lengths when searching for a mother of the bride dress. If you do not feel comfortable in a short dress that is slightly above your knee, don’t wear it. Instead, go for one that is below your knee or that is a little above your ankles.

Choose a length you are comfortable with. Otherwise, you will remain conscious the entire day of the wedding. You want to enjoy your daughter’s wedding, not spend the entire wedding fixing your dress.

6. Go with the Wedding Colors

If your daughter has chosen certain wedding colors, choose a short dress that fits into the theme. For instance, your daughter has picked black as one of the wedding colors, you can wear black if it is your favorite color.

What about white, you ask? You should ask your daughter before setting your eyes on a short white dress. Even though there is an ongoing trend for the mother of the bride to wear white to match with her daughter, it is still better to ask.

We also have seen maids of honor wearing white, ivory, and champagne colored dresses, so if they are wearing that and you want to match with the maid of honor and bridesmaids, it is a green light on the white color. But, again, it is still better to ask your daughter before you bring home the dress.

7. Go with the Theme of the Wedding

A short dress is perfect for a beach wedding. If your daughter’s wedding has a beach theme, your short dress will fit right in. How formal and modest the dress is depends on the theme of the wedding. You can still find modest short wedding dresses, but you could probably get away with a strapless or sleeveless or off-shoulder short dress if your daughter has chosen a casual wedding theme.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect short mother of the bride dresses? If you are, you can use these tips to find the perfect short dress to wear at your daughter’s wedding. Lastly, you should shop for the dress at least three months before the wedding, especially if you are buying from a specialty store, as you may require alterations to make sure it is perfect for you.

As for jewelry, you don’t want to overdo it, but keep it simple and according to the style of the short dress. The reason for not going over the top with the sparkle is because the focus should be on your daughter, not on your jewels and this is something you will willingly and gladly do anyways. Good luck with shopping for that perfect short dress.

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