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Your engagement dress is just as important as your wedding dress. After your engagement, you want to throw a grand party with your close friends and family, announcing that you’re getting married to the love of your life. And for such a joyous and special occasion, you need the best engagement dress.

Of course, you will have to look at several engagement dresses before you can find the right one that speaks to you, telling you that it is your perfect match. When shopping for your engagement dress, doing the following things can cause you to select the wrong engagement dress for your big wedding announcement party:

1. Buying an Engagement Dress at the Last Minute

You won’t plan an engagement party the very next day you get engaged. You want to make it memorable, which is why you need to set a date for it a month or a couple of weeks after your engagement. You do not want to shop for a dress in the week of the party, but a month before.

Because to find the perfect engagement dress, you need to start early. Check out a few stores and try a few dresses, especially if there is a certain color you have in mind, and then pick the best engagement dress that makes you look and feel like a soon-to-be bride.

2. Bringing Your Entire Posse for Engagement Dress Shopping

More people mean more opinions and more opinions means more confusion. Instead of taking the entire bridal party, such as the people who will be your bridesmaids, engagement dress shopping, just take your maid of honor.

You can take your bridesmaids when you go shop for your wedding dress, but right now, only seek one person’s opinion right now. As a bonus, if you have a lot of bridesmaids, you should take the ones closest to you when you go shopping for your wedding dress. Because again more opinions cause more confusion.

3. Giving the Final Decision to Your Closest Friend

The final decision needs to be yours. Yes, you love your best friend, but you do not want to give her the final decision of your engagement dress or any other occasion for that matter. Even though their opinion matters, in the end, you will be wearing the dress, not her.

If you like an engagement dress that you see, but your closest friend says that it is just okay, but your heart is really set on it, buy it, wear it, and flaunt it. When it comes to celebrating your big day, you don’t want to have any regrets.

4. Not Paying Attention to Your Budget

Since you’ll be throwing a huge engagement party with a lot of people coming, you want to buy an engagement dress that will make you look like a million bucks and fetch you a lot of compliments. In your effort to find an engagement dress like that, you may find yourself going over budget.

Remember, you are paying for the hall, food, music, and other things for your engagement party. And the budget for your engagement party needs to include your engagement dress. When you are searching for engagement dresses, look at the price.

Do not fall in love with an engagement dress that will make you go over budget. You can find several inexpensive dresses both online and in traditional stores, which is why you need to begin your hunt for one in advance and not last-minute — just to iterate the first point.

5. Dieting a Month Before for Your Engagement Party

If you are throwing an engagement party one or two months later after you have gotten engaged, you may be thinking of finding a dress that will fit your future frame. Trust us, that is a huge mistake, and do not do that.

You need to buy an engagement dress for your present self, not your future self. If you do not lose weight, you will be stuck with a dress that will not fit you. You certainly do not want to be running here and there in search of a new engagement dress when you dreamed of wearing the one you selected for your engagement party.

Buy your engagement dress that is your size because if you do lose weight leading up to your engagement party, you can get it altered.

6. Being Extremely Selective about Your Engagement Dress

You may have a style in mind for your engagement dress, but the chances of you finding a dress that matches exactly what you envisioned in your head is slim. You might find something close to it, but not something that is an exact replica of your dream engagement dress.

When you go shopping for engagement dresses, you need to be flexible, looking for a dress that is close as possible to the mental image in your head. If you don’t, you will continue looking and that can get frustrating really fast. Also, this is one reason you should not limit your search to just traditional stores, but also look online, as you never know from where you will find your dream engagement dress.

7. Trying On Way too Many Engagement Dresses

If you try more than one engagement dress, you will get confused for sure. You may love the intricate details on one engagement dress, but then you go to another store and try that one on and you love the way it falls down on the floor and now, you prefer that one.

The cycle of trying this and another one and then like that one and so on will keep continuing like this. Instead, just try five engagement dresses at max and remember what you liked about each one and then choose the one you like best from them.

Engagement dress shopping does not have to be complicated, but we tend to make it complicated. Since you know what you need to avoid when looking for engagement dresses, we trust that you will not face a hard time finding your dream engagement dress.

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