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A very important part of planning your wedding is choosing a wedding photographer that not only has talent, but also one that you can get along with. This will ensure a series of great wedding photos and that’s why people will tell you that the best wedding photographer for you is one who has many recommendations.

However, there also needs to be chemistry between you and the photographer. He needs to have charisma and good photography skills. That doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your own suggestions to the table.

We are going to give you some tips that can eventually end in an awesome wedding album.

Wedding photos that communicate your personal style

Make sure that you make friends with your photographer before the wedding. It’s the best advice that we can give you if you want to have the memories of a lifetime. After you and the photographer get to know each other, he will become acquainted with your personal style and he will come up with a photographic concept that really makes you guys shine as a couple. Whether you’re in love with the vintage style or are a non-conformist bride, make sure the photographer sees you for who you really are.


Wedding photos and your hobbies

Do you and your future spouse have a hobby that you both enjoy? Why not illustrate that in your wedding photos. Remember the article we wrote about the 2 acrobats that got married all over the world? Basically, this is the concept that we suggest you approach. Whether you guys both enjoy cooking, reading, exercising or playing a sport, your photographer can illustrate that in a series of awesome wedding photos.



Wedding photos of your parents’ story

These are amongst the most emotional wedding shots ever. Aside from the traditional pictures of you 2 as a couple, a great idea for a creative wedding shoot is to include your parents’ love story in your own. Whether you choose to take shots inside a real frame or hold photos from your parents’ wedding, these pics are truly memorable.


Wedding photos with your pets

Pets are amongst the living being that we most love in the world and if you have one that you could absolutely die for, why not make him part of your photo shoot?


Wedding photos where you first met/dated

This is the one place that you will never forget, so why not include it in your wedding shoot itinerary? Even if it might take a bit of an effort to get there, the result will be charming and you will have a wedding photo filled with meaning for both you and your spouse.


Wedding photos that recreate special moments

Maybe the 2 of you never got a chance to take a photo at your first date, but you have pictures together that go way back and it would be tons of fun to reconstruct them.

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