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Do you want to be remembered as the couple who gave their guests a gift they can keep using for several months? If yes, wedding favor candles come to mind instantly. Regardless of the wedding theme, candles will fit right in.

Do you know what the best part about using candles as wedding favors is? They do not take a lot of space and your guests can quickly grab one and be on their way. Since there is a huge variety of candles, you can get candles that complement the color theme you have chosen for your wedding.

Moreover, you can customize the candle to suit your wedding theme even better. You are not limited to choosing from just standard colors. The same goes for scented candles. You will find a variety of scented candles that you can use as a wedding favor and again, you can customize the scent.

You can place an order for customized candles, choosing the color and scent you want it to have. Do you want another great idea? If you are decorating your wedding venue with lit scented candles, you can give those same candles to your guests.

This way, they will always recall your wedding whenever they light the candle. If you are struggling with the type of wedding favors you should gift to your guests, let us tell you about the different types of wedding favor candles you can shortlist to give them.

1. Two-Heart Design Champagne Glass Candle Favor

An elegant champagne glass candle holder with a candle inside it and wrapped in a plastic box with a white bow tied around it to hold it together with a diamond-shaped “For You” tag on it in gold lettering is the perfect wedding favor for your guests.

2. Beach-Themed Candle Favor

Have you picked the beach as your wedding destination? If you have, the wedding favor you select for your guests should reflect the exotic destination. You can give them a beach-themed candle favor. A beach-themed wedding favor will display a deep blue ocean with rocks, seashells, blue seabed made from small light blue pebbles, and a starfish. A clear gel holds the underwater scene together.

3. Musical Note Candle Favor

If you are a musical couple who wants to share their love for music with their guests, you can do it in the form of these stunning musical note candle favors. Encased in a white frosted glass candle holder with musical notes in black surrounding it, this candle is sure to impress your guests. You may want to look for musical notes wedding favor candles that come with a white tea light. If you are a singer or play in a band and are putting on a performance at your wedding, either solo or a couple, these candle favors will fit right in. You can also get them as wedding favors if you both love listening to music and put effort into picking the song list for the wedding.

4. Destination Wedding Favor Candle

Couples having a destination wedding in another country can purchase candles placed in a holder designed to resemble a famous tourist attraction, such as a city. For instance, if you are getting wed in Paris, France, the candle holder may resemble the Eiffel Tower, as that is the most recognizable structure of the country.

5. Royal Gold Crown Favor Candle

Even though you are the royal couple at your wedding, you can make your guests feel like royalty too by giving them a royal gold crown favor candle. Look for a crown with intricate details on it along with round gold balls at the top of the crown.

Your guests will never throw away this candle favor away even after the candle is finished but replace it with another candle. This candle holder also makes the perfect wedding favor for couples who have chosen a royal theme. Everything from their dress, the food to guests, to the venue décor and of course, the crown wedding favor candle will all scream royalty.

6. Winter Wedding Favor Candle

Whether you are bringing winter to summer or you are having a wedding in winter, you can give your guests a snowflake wedding favor candle. However, the snowflake is not the only candle holder you will find when searching for a wedding favor candle that matches your white, winter wedding.

Some other types of wedding favor candles that you may come across include snowcapped trees and frozen sea and more. You might even find a globe-shaped candle holder depicting winter. You will have to search a few stores before you settle on a candle that goes well with your winter theme for your wedding.

What Else Can You Gift Your Guests Besides Wedding Favor Candles?

If you want to give your guests a wedding favor candle, but do not want to give them the hassle of replacing the candle each time it runs out, give them a tea light or LED light wedding favor candle instead. It will be operated by batteries and it will last a long time.

What Should You Not Do?

You will find plenty of options when you can customize the wedding candle holder to say your name, but you should not do that. Your guests will not want to light or display a candle in there home where they will have to explain to their own guests what the initials stand for.

You can customize the box, the message on the tag, and the scent of the candle. You should always have a couple of wedding favor candles on standby to make sure every guest leaves your wedding with one.

Trust us, you will not have a difficult time finding a wedding favor candle to give to your guests, but you will have a difficult time narrowing down the ones you should buy for your wedding, as there are so many to choose from.

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