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When it comes to setting up the tables for your wedding guests, you probably have tons of ideas that revolve around candles and flowers. What if I told you that it’s time to make your wedding unique by trying something a little different?

Here are 6 ideas of stuff that would look great on your wedding tables and are not necessarily that hard to make/obtain.

1. Candy + rainbow. What you need here are transparent bowls and lots of colorful candy. Anything from M&Ms to Skittles. Buy them in all shapes, sizes, aromas and colors. Buy gummy bears and jawbreakers. Not only will they look awesome, but they will provide a delicious treat for your guests.


2. Happy figurines. They could be anything from Kinder surprise to McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. They can be made out of wood, plastic, metal or whatever other material you can find. You can enhance their happiness effect with LED lights. They can be anything from cartoon characters to little toy animals.


3. Colored sand. It has a great visual impact, as long as you choose the right recipients to put them in. Could be transparent or semi-transparent bowls, cups, glasses or whatever else you like.


4. Origami. You may need to find a talented person here, because you don’t just want randomly folded paper on your wedding tables. You can ask the artist to make some stuff that really represents you and your husband. Let’s face it: how many wedding with Origami on the table have you attended?

5. Flowers + monograms. If you don’t want to give up on those wedding flowers, how about giving them some extra-personality? Buy some nice vases and customize them with your monograms. At the end of the reception, you can even gift them to some of the guests or hand them out as thank-you gifts to your favorite vendors.


6. Fish + aquariums. Aside from the traditions shells-in-a-bowl decorations, this idea makes quite a bold statement, especially if you’re having a beach wedding or going for a more exotic theme.

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