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Food is a big part of any wedding. You can leave aside the flowers and you can turn down the music, but people will still want to eat at some point. And just as every other aspect related to the wedding day, the food that will be served at the reception needs to be carefully chosen. You may think there is no way to go wrong with the reception food or with the beverages, but what if you pick something that gets people bloated or leaves stains on the teeth? Here are a couple of foods that are best avoided on your special day.

1. Garlic foods

Yes, garlic is delicious. Foods taste much better with garlic. But is it a good ingredient to be combined with wedding food? Tell us, how many times have you eaten garlic and managed to have a fresh breath afterwards simply by chewing a piece of gum? Onions go hand in hand with garlic, so cross them off your list as well.

2. Too much bread

Of course, no sandwich is a real sandwich without some pieces of bread. But people don’t eat sandwiches at weddings. Bread well known for bloating, so you could easily cut it off your wedding menu. Or replace bread with a gluten-free version, or some light crackers to create delicious appetizers that are also visually appealing (and much easier to consume and digest).


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3. Coffee and Tea

Personally, I always drink coffee at wedding if there is any available. It’s probably because I’m tired all the time and coffee really helps me stay awake. But is coffee a good idea to be served at a wedding? It’s a well-known fact that coffee causes dehydration, but it also stains the teeth and causes an unpleasant breath (especially if you mix it with cream, sugar or milk). If you thought about serving tea, maybe you should reconsider that option too. How delightful is a cup of hot tea after you’ve just served a hot meal?


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4. Sweets

You need to have sweets at a wedding. I mean, even the adults love them. But you need to choose your sweets carefully. Don’t go for hard candy or someone may break a tooth. Also try to avoid foods like tart with blueberry or blackberry cream or some smiles may turn from white to dark blue, perhaps even leave seeds between your teeth and that will not look good in pictures. You may also want to avoid having a special table with sweets where people can go and help themselves because the parents of every child at the wedding will be living a nightmare while trying to keep the little ones away from the candy jars.


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5. Fat & Extra Salty Cheese

While cheese is actually a source of calcium and quite a healthy food to have in your diet, it shouldn’t belong at a wedding unless you choose a special low-fat cheese for your appetizers, something that doesn’t smell like dirty socks. It’s filled with sodium and a frequent source of indigestion, causing a retantion of water and bloating.

6. Soda

Goes with coffee and tea when it comes to staining teeth, but it also causes bloating. It’s best to avoid all fizzy drinks.

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