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Sweets are an important part of the wedding menu, one enjoyed by children and adults alike. Imagine going at a very fancy restaurant and eating delightful meals without having a proper desert.

Now, we all know that the most common sweets that you are going to find at a wedding are cakes, cupcakes and fruit tarts. But what if your wedding was different? What if you went for something more unconventional? What if your wedding-treats would give people something to talk about?

We are going to give you 5 unconventional suggestions for wedding treats that all your guests are going to enjoy.

1. Cotton candy – This is that one treat that reminds people of the most beautiful part of their lives: childhood. Remember how we used to go at different fairs and simply drooled until our parents would buy us that delicious treat on a stick that would eventually get our hands dirty? Cotton candy is simply delicious and available in all sorts of colors and flavors.

5 Wedding Sweet-Treats That Your Guests Are Going To Love



2. Fruit pizza – Not only does fruit pizza look good, it tastes awesome. You basically get to combine the number 1 fast food treat that people love with the sweetness and beautiful color palette provided by a good combination of fruits!


3. Pancakes – Do you know anyone that could say NO to pancakes? Me neither! That’s why they will always be a delicious treat, no matter the occasion. What I love most about pancakes is that they are an easy-to-make treat that can be personalized to fit you tastes. Whether they come with Nutella and banana fillings or strawberry jam, pancakes will satisfy the taste of all your wedding guests.

4. Ice-cream – Some people think that ice-cream is only a proper dessert for a summer wedding, but when you’re having an indoor winter wedding and your guests are feeling hot and exhausted after dancing so much, there is nothing more refreshing than a cup of flavored ice-cream. You can even go beyond this treat and serve ice-cream sandwiches. Can you imagine how a fine scoop of vanilla ice-cream would taste with a couple of Oreos?


5. Doughnuts – Who said doughnuts are only for Americans and cops to enjoy? This sweet treat goes great with the topping of your choice, making it impossible for your wedding guests to stop themselves from trying at least one.


What other unconventional treats would you love to see at a wedding?

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