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From the first candles ever made by Egyptians to the sophisticated ones that you see today at special events, these beautiful decorations have come a long way. Today, candles used to decorate wedding tables are quite diverse and you are only limited by your own imagination. Every bride is capable of creating her own beautiful arrangements and we are going to give 5 tips to get started on that.

Candles are accessory found at almost every wedding and they are becoming more and more spectacular. They represents family and love, but when it comes to including them in the decoration, they need to match the theme of the wedding.


1. You need to pay close attention to your budget. You can opt for low-cost decorations, like buying transparent bowls, filling them with water, adding a few stones, flowers and floating candles. These can make excellent centerpieces.


2. If you want to really recreate a romantic atmosphere, you can add flowers petals around the candles: they are both elegant and look good in pictures.

3. Avoid scented candles – you’re just gonna create a mixture of aromas that are either sweet or floral, together with the food that you serve.


4. Candles go great when accompanied by flowers. You can create either a fresh or a vintage look. Make sure you pay attention to the arrangement because you don’t want the flame from the candle to touch the flowers.

5. You can really create impressive centerpieces if you opt for candlesticks. They are truly elegant and especially recommended for brides who are focused on vintage wedding decorations.

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