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For dark-toned wood, rich accent colors, and neutral wall colors, nothing complements them more than oil rubbed bronze door knobs. For instance, a kitchen with creamy gray countertops and white cabinets will look exquisite with oil rubbed bronze door knobs.

There is no rule on using just oil rubbed bronze door knobs throughout the house, but you can switch it up by using brushed nickel as well. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching. If you want to be consistent, you can opt for just oil rubbed door knobs throughout your house or a certain room of the house.

An advantage of mixing and matching is that you when you want to change the theme or the colors of certain rooms, you can swap fixtures and hardware from another room. Another reason most homeowners opt for oil rubbed bronze knobs instead of satin nickel door knobs is that satin nickel has just become more common nowadays.

In the end, it depends on your choice entirely. You can mix and match or stay consistent. Whatever feels right to you, go with that. If you are considering buying oil rubbed bronze door knobs, here are a few that stand out from the crowd:

1. Dynasty Crystal Style Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knob


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You can choose from an individual dummy, passage hall and closet, and privacy bed and bath crystal style oil rubbed bronze door knob. Made from sturdy, clear acrylic door knob, it can fit 1-3/8 inch to 1-3/4” thick and doors featuring a 2-3/8” backset.

The manufacturers used forged brass to create the oil rubbed bronze. The three functions of the door knob include the passage function, privacy function, and individual fixed knob function. You can latch the passage door knob, but you cannot lock it, thus making it ideal for closet doors and hallways.

You can latch and lock the privacy door knob using a push button, but you can unlock it during an emergency. Use them for bathroom doors and bedrooms. You can fix the individual fixed door knob, but you cannot operate or latch them. You will need to order two individual fixed door knobs if you want to place them on both sides of the door.

2. Nostalgic Warehouse OilRubbed Bronze Craftsman Knob


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Apart from choosing an oil rubbed bronze door knob, you can also choose from an antique brass, antique pewter, satin nickel, and nickel door knob. You can select a 2.375” passage door knob, 2.375” door knob, 2.75” door knob, 2.75” privacy door knob, and double dummy and single dummy door knobs.

You can turn and operate the passage door knob, but you cannot lock it. You can use it for doors in the house or doors that have a separate deadbolt. Other places you can put the passage door knob on are closets, rooms, and hallways where there is no need to for you to lock the door.

You can latch the privacy door knob and lock it. The door knob features a privacy pin or level, which allows you to lock through the rosette or plate.They are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and rooms where there is a need for you to lock.

You cannot latch or lock the double dummy door knobs. You cannot turn or operate the door knob, thus making them a good option for pantry doors, closet doors, and side-by-side French doors used with surface bolts or roller catch.

You cannot lock or latch a single dummy lock. You also cannot operate it and you can only place it on one side of the door, not both sides. Otherwise, they have the same function as a double dummy door knob.

If you opt for a mortise lock, you will need a pocket. You can install the lock into the pocket at the door’s edge. You can hire a professional to make the cut using a mortise saw unless you have experience doing so.

3. Weslock OilRubbed Bronze Julienne Knob

 Weslock 01740J1J1SL23 Julienne Knob, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

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This cylindrical door lock features a Weslock 5-pin cylinder and meets the ANSI requirements. It is a privacy and keyed entry lock and you will need to turn the knob for the level to unlock and the door to open. You will also receive a limited finish and limited lifetime mechanical warranty on it.  You will have no trouble installing the door knob on your door.

4. Nostalgic Warehouse OilRubbed Bronze Black Door Knob


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If you want to mix and match, you have a wide selection of colors for you to choose from. Choose from oil rubbed bronze, antique brass, antique pewter, bright chrome, polished brass, satin nickel, timeless bronze, and unlacquered brass.

You also have the option to choose a single dummy, double dummy, 2.25” mortise, 2.375 passage, 2.375 privacy, 2.75” passage, and 2.75” privacy door knobs. You can add them to modern pre-drilled doors. They are easy to install.

They have used solid forged brass rosettes combined with pure lead crystal door knobs to enhance the detailing and clarity of the door knobs. You can choose from the door knobs that you can lock and turn or door knobs that you cannot lock and turn, but just require a pull or push to open the door. You can also purchase two door knobs if you want them to be on both sides of your door.


5. House of Antique Hardware OilRubbed BronzeLorraine Passage Door Set


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The manufacturers have used solid wrought bronze and genuine aged patina to create this door knob. They have also created historic details on the door knob. You can use them on modern pre-drilled doors. The door knob measures 2” in diameter and the black plate measures 8 5/15” in height x 2 9/16” in width.

The backset measures 2 3/8” and latch case measures 7/8” in diameter, and latch face plate measures 2 1/4” in height x 1” in width. If you have a historic-styled door, this door knob will complement it.

Even though there are several more oil rubbed bronze door knobs offered by these companies, this guide gives you an idea of the type of door knobs you can expect when you start shopping.



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