The wedding day is extremely emotional for any bride, so its best to avoid telling her a couple of things that may be on your mind.

Only after she’s done organizing the wedding, you’d expect the bride to be more relaxed and start enjoying the event. Even the wedding day itself is really stressful because the bride has to make sure everything is in order at the reception venue, during the ceremony, to make sure her dress and make-up are perfect and so on.

So here are the top 5 things that you should never say to a bride on her wedding day.

1. “You look like…”

Even if you’re trying to make her a compliment, every bride has one big expectation on her wedding day: to be unique, completely different from any other bride you’ve ever seen before. Even if you are trying to compare her with a certain celebrity, in her heart she’s still hoping she is more beautiful than everyone else. Instead of comparing her to someone else, just tell her she looks perfect.

2. “Don’t panic, but…”

No matter how well you’ve put a wedding together, certain problems may appear, The bride is well aware of this fact and she’s always thinking that something may go wrong, so you don’t want to upset her by putting the problem in such a light.  Instead, you can try to find out if someone else can solve the problem. If only the bride can, try to make it seem like the problem is not that important and maybe even suggest way for her to fix it fast.

3. “I don’t want to sit next to…”

Unfortunately, the seating arrangements have been ready for some time, and no bride wants to change them on the wedding day. It doesn’t matter who it concerns or if it ruin your day as a guest. Don’t ruin it for the bride and groom by telling them to make such a change at the last minute.

4. “Nobody will notice the details.”

That’s false. The bride will! Even if some guests may not notice that a hair pin fell from her hair-do, the bride won’t stop thinking about it. And if the detail is some decoration, think before saying it out loud. Brides put a lot of effort in planning their wedding day, so don’t tell them their work will go by unnoticed.

5. “Why wasn’t … invited at the wedding?”

This is not the right time to ask the bride why she didn’t invite a certain person. She must have had her reasons and the happiest day of her life is the worst time to remind her about them.