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The wedding venue is the most important thing that you have to consider once you get engaged. After putting together the guest list, you need to start looking for the place where dreams come true and where you get to spend the best day of your life. But before you book the venue, there are 5 things that you absolutely must consider.

  1. The capacity – When you think of the perfect wedding, it’s that one event where everyone had a great time and everything was set in place to the smallest detail. Of course, it’s never easy to get that guest list right the first time, but you will have an approximate number of people that will be attending and you need to focus on that before booking the venue. If you book a venue which has a huge capacity compared to the number of guests, it will be awkward to see all those empty tables. If the venue is too small, guests will feel too crowded, tables will be too close to one another and people won’t have enough room to dance.
  2. The services – Let’s assume you have your heart set on a specific location. Even if you like the look of the place and can already picture people dancing and tables beautifully decorated with the items of your choice, you need to think about the services provided. You don’t want to book an outside caterer or bartender or start running up and down to get the extra services you need just because the venue doesn’t provide them. You need to choose an event hall that provides more than 4 pretty walls and nice tables.
  3. The lighting – Light can really influence the mood that people have when they’re attending the party. Since most wedding receptions take place in the evening, make sure that the venue has the proper lighting. It would be ideal to find a place that allows you to change the light’s intensity at different points of the evening. Maybe you want the dance floor to have some extra light when people go dancing or may want to dim the light when those romantic blues songs are up.
  4. The parking space – Make sure that the venue you choose has enough parking spaces to cover the needs of all the guests that will be arriving by car. If you choose a location that’s somehow located in the heart of your city, the place will most likely have its own private parking and lots of guests will be arriving by cab so they can enjoy some drinks.
  5. The acoustics – If the event hall has a resonating echo, the band that you choose to play at the wedding may have some acoustics problems. Guests might not be able to communicate properly if the music is too loud. In this case, you don’t have to pay attention to the wedding band and the DJ alone, but also to the acoustic of the place.


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