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Sorry for all those “drowned” last week in one of the heaviest snowfalls ever, you sure could use some hot beverages to keep you strong during the winter. Here are five basic hot beverages:

1. Tea
Tea is one of the best options for a cold winter day. You can opt for a cup of chai tea or rooibos, made out of cinnamon sticks, crushed spices, a bit of ginger and some milk, all boiled together to create a wonderful aroma.

Rooibos tea
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2. Hot cocoa
There are so many delicious recipes for hot cocoa, it’s almost ridiculous. You can choose to make a simple cup of cocoa and enhance it with syrup flavors, anything from vanilla to coconut. The boldest of you can add a spoon of rum or whisky, for more flavors. Toppings are also very important. While whipped cream is the most common, you can also add crushed candy on top of the cocoa, grated dark or white chocolate, grated cinnamon or even crushed pieces of Oreo. Delicious! Want to try something even more different? How about adding some mint leaves or some toasted marshmallows on top? There’s a cure for your sweet tooth!

Hot chocolate
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3. Coffee
Nothing can sooth coffee lovers on a cold winter day better than a hot cup of this dark magic elixir. Of course, the way you prepare your coffee is all about imagination. While some people prefer the standard dark espresso, how about adding a touch of flavor to your coffee this winter? How about adding a dash of cinnamon into that cup? Or maybe let a couple of pieces of dark chocolate to melt inside?

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4. Hot wine
Whether you’re feeling really cold today or just want to taste a delicious warm beverage, a hot cup of red wine is the best choice. It’s ideal for winter evenings, when all the day’s work has been completed and you are ready to relax at home. Add a few slices of orange, some cinnamon, a little bit of dark pepper and you got yourself a delicious beverage that can ever cure a sore throat.

Hot wine
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5. Cider
Talk about delicious drinks! Who says cider can only be enjoyed cold? Feel free to play around with flavors and choose something else apart the classic apple cider. Go for pomegranate flavor, maybe cranberry, and feel free to add slices of lemon and orange if you want a bit of citrus flavor.

Hot apple cider
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