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Have you ever wondered why wedding rings are round? Because they are not supposed to have an end: just like the love of a married couple. So, not only are wedding rings a symbol of your love, but they are also a sign of personality and good taste. We are going to tell you what are the 4 main wedding trends as far as wedding bands are concerned.

Pink gold – This is probably the most important 2015 wedding ring trend that goes as far as choosing pink gold for other jewelry as well. From watches to earrings, pink gold is present as an alloy made of copper. Why is this trending? Because it’s an elegant alternative of the classic colors (white and yellow gold).

His & Hers – Identical wedding rings for you and your spouse are no longer trending. In 2015, trends are focused on his and hers rings which are personalized with details in shape, size, design and accessories. Whether we are talking about the classical and subtle rock, a formation of diamonds that surround the ring of a circumference that comes close to the design of a regular ring, there is a possibility to choose wedding bands that differentiate you guys but also bring you closer at the same time.

Minimalist design – The classic wedding bands will always be an option worth taking into consideration. The ones with a traditional aspect are even more desirable but they contain subtle design elements that bring a modern approach. If you’re a couple that prefers a simple style for their wedding rings, you need to know that the 2015 trends recommend minimalist wedding bands, but with modern accents.


Engraved bands – This is probably the most personalized form of love that your wedding bands could ever express. You take a simple wedding band and engrave a message that brings the 2 of you together. Whether it’s your names, part of a love quote or the date when you guys met each other, you need to know that even popular Hollywood couples have fallen for this trend, couples like Kim Kardashian and Kayne West or Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey.

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