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Short, funny and from the heart, the wedding speech needs to make people smile. For everyone’s sake, avoid making any jokes or reminder about moments when you are younger. Avoid telling embarrassing stories when giving your wedding speech. And we all know how men tend to do that.

If you’re nervous and not in the position to refuse giving a speech, the following recommendations will help you a lot. Knowing that you have an important role as part of the event, try not to drink before the speech. A glass of champagne should be enough.

In order to give a wedding speech, you need to do a little bit of homework first. Your speech needs to be short and learned by heart before the actual wedding day. Unless you have a really good memory, a piece of paper with some ideas will really come in handy. Just don’t read the entire speech.


For those of you who are unaware of how this moment should be like, know that there are 3 types of speeches.

  1. The first speech is given by the father of the bride or a close friend. He needs to talk about the bride and groom and how they are seen and supported as a couple. He may include some funny family stories and welcome the groom to the new family.
  2. The second speech is given by the groom. The bride may also intervene, but he needs to talk about love and say something nice about her. The bridesmaids and best men should also be mentioned in this speech. He should thank the father of the bride for helping organize the wedding, but also give special thanks to her mom and to his own parents.
  3. The third speech is given by the main best man. He is the one officially responsible with fun and because he is the last one to talk, he needs to have something funny to end the entire speech moment.

Last piece of advice: remember to stop talking at some point. And look your best. A loose knot on the tie or bow is not acceptable, no matter how late into the night the speech is.

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