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As a former bridesmaid, I know the hassle of planning a bachelorette party. Not only do you have to plan an awesome party from A to Z, but you also need to make sure that the ladies are fully entertained at that party.

There’s no point in having fancy cocktails and rainbow cupcakes if everybody is just sitting down with a drink in their hand and barely sketching a smile.

We’ve decided to give you a helping hand, so we’ve thought about 3 games that are super-fit for such an occasion. Here it goes!

#1: Never have I ever…

I’m sure that you’ve at least heard about this game and you’ve most likely played it at least once. It’s quite popular at parties, especially when people start getting a bit dizzy. In fact, you can consider it the only-truth version of “truth or dare”. By taking turns, every one has to say something they have never done and every person who has done that thing, has to drink. If only one person “admits” doing something, then they have to share the details about what happened.


#2: How well do you know the bride?

This is a really fun trivia game. Talk to the bride before the party. Ask her as many questions as possible about herself. The questions should have only one correct answer. Then, write the questions individually on colored cards that only you have access to. By taking turns, ask every guest one question. Here is an example of a question:

“Where did [bride] and [groom] first go out on a date?

a. The cinema

b. A coffee shop

c. A restaurant”

Every wrong answer should be “punished” with either a drink or a dare. You can give out 1 point for every correct answer. The guest that ends up having the most points when the trivia competition is over, should receive a surprise gift. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive; it could be something like a personalized T-shirt or a small goodie-basket.

#3: Scavenger hunt

I know, I know… you’re probably wondering what’s so special about a scavenger hunt. Why on Earth would you play that at a bachelorette party? That game is for children! Well, not if the items on the list are… let’s just say “more provocative”. You can hide lingerie items, fuzzy handcuffs, edible underwear or whatever items you feel represent such a party. Beware, this game won’t be suitable if you have children attending the party.

What other game ideas do you believe are fit for a bachelorette party?

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