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Autumn is a great season to get married, with more temperate weather and great natural decor, filled with warm colors – from oranges to deep reds and browns. And one of the best ways to take advantage of this period is by using pumpkins – they’re budget friendly and come in many different sizes and colors. Here are just a few pumpkin wedding ideas to incorporate them into your fall wedding:


1 .On the margins of the aisle:

Pumpkins aisle

2. On the alley, with candles:

Pumpkins aisle 2

3. At the entrance of your reception:

Pumpkins entrance

4. On staircase:

Pumpkins staircase

5. On staircase, with lanterns:

Pumpkins staircase 2

6. Different sizes and colors, on top of each other:

Pumpkins of different sizes and colors


7. As holders for table cards:

Table card holders pumpkins

8. As flower vases:

Pumpkins as flower vases

9. Filled with autumn fruits:

Pumpkins with fruits

10. Painted:

Painted pumpkins for halloween wedding

11. Or painted in a less-Halloweenish style:

Painted pumpkins

12. Mini-pumpkins on plates (or in vases):

Mini pumpkins on plates

13. Candle holders:

Candle holders pumpkins

14. Carved:

Sweetheart Pumpkins

15. Jeweled:

Jeweled pumpkins

16. Disney themed weddings – Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage:

Cinderella pumpkin carriage


17. Pumpkin cakes (or pies):

Pumpkin cake

18. Pumpkin cocktails:

Pumpkin, pineapple and rum cocktail

19. Pumpkin cinammon rolls:

Pumpkin cinnammon rolls with caramel frosting


20. Cake toppers:

Wedding cake pumpkin topper

21. To carry or just photoshoot your wedding rings:

Rings on pumpkin

22. Alcohol cooler (filled with ice):

Pumpkin ice bucket

For more ideas you can follow our Pinterest pumpkins-themed board.

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