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Chances are that every woman who’s ever dreamed about having a sophisticated wedding has pictured herself wearing a Vera Wang creation. After all, she dressed some of the world’s most famous brides, like Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Lopez. And if you watched “Gossip Girl”, you surely remember how astonishing Blair Waldorf looked in a Vera Wang wedding dress. That being said, we are here to bring you 10 pieces of advice for future brides, coming directly from the number 1 wedding dress designer in the world: Vera Wang.

  • The most important advice that a bride can receive is to make sure that she feels 100% comfortable on her wedding day. The way you look and the way you feel will pretty much define you on that day. If you want to fell and look happy, pick a dress that represents your style and don’t aim for a provocative look that’s actually very different from your own character.
  • Make sure you know right from the start the kind of wedding that you want to have. The model, the silhouette, the proportions of your accessories, everything about what you’re wearing needs to match the style of the rest of your wedding. Try not to cross a mined field and do your homework. Vera Wang recommends you opt for tulle in the summer and a minimalist dress in the winter.
  • Another important thing is for you to see the big picture – the dress, the veil, the bouquet and the shoes need to match perfectly. Lots of brides will focus so much on the dress and actually forget that the make-up, the tiara, the hair pins and the rest of the accessories are just as important.
  • Pick a simple bouquet. You don’t want it to diminish the impact of the dress.

Vera Wang


  • The length of the seam is very important – your shoes must not be visible, no matter how beautiful they are. Once you’ve put on that dress, you need to seem like you’re floating. Even so, Vera Wang says that a good wedding dress is the one that you don’t have to hold up as you walk down the aisle.
  • A red lipstick and a white wedding dress is simply too much. When it comes to make-up, don’t overreact. If you are not used to wearing purple make-up, don’t do it on the most important day of your life. Trying something different doesn’t mean that you have to put on a disguise. Even if you talk to a stylist about your hair, don’t let him/her impose his/her opinion too much. In the end, it should be about what you want.
  • As far as shoes are concerned, Vera Wang highly recommends a simple and comfortable pair, especially since people won’t see them. Since you’ll be standing most of the time, she advises you drop all shoes with Swarovski crystals. A small heel is perfect if your husband is not that tall and a pair of wedges will bring you to the perfect height.
  • Some artistic advice: black and white photos are just as beautiful or even more beautiful that regular ones. So taking these chic portraits may actually lead to your grandchildren hanging them on the wall.
  • Be really careful when you put on your wedding dress. The ideal way to wear it is by stepping inside it because if you pull it over your head you’re likely to get make-up on it.
  • In the end, don’t forget to enjoy the moment. If you’re 100% sure that you found your soul mate, this day will be unique. There is this tendency of people to always be on the rush on the wedding day and they often forget to stop and enjoy the moment. Let yourself be admired and loved!

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