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Weddings are known to be pretty huge deal in the life of a woman, so that’s why emotions, fears and worries often take the best of us. If you want to be a beautiful and relaxed bride, make sure you prioritize the important aspects in planning your big day, to be able to avoid the stress of your wedding.

In short, you will have to say “no” to some things on the day you say “yes” to your better half.

#1: Brides want to do everything by themselves. You’re a smart girl, you have energy, ideas and tons of creativity. But you are also the bride and brides need some time for themselves. You need to shine on the wedding day and that is not going to happen if you plan on taking care of the entire wedding yourself. Accept all the help you can get from your friends and leave some of the responsibilities to them. I can assure you, they will do their best to contribute to this special day of yours.

#2: Drink menus are sometimes neglected. You need to carefully plan the drinking menu because it would be extremely impolite for a guest to order something from the bar and have to pay it for himself (provided that he orders a drink which is not on your drink menu). Try to cover everyone’s taste as much as possible and make sure you have beverages such as cocktails, wine, whiskey or vodka on the menu.

#3: Invitations have additional information. While keeping your guests is important, the invitations need to contain only the crucial information: the names of the people getting married, the location (church and restaurant) and the established starting time for both the ceremony and the reception. If you’re worried that guests may show up with all sorts of presents and that would be something you want to avoid, make that clear upfront, but don’t specify it on your wedding invitation.

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#4: Frustrations are taken out on the bridesmaids. If you ask someone to be your bridesmaid, chances are that girl is really important to you. All your bridesmaids are there to make sure nothing goes wrong today and they want to be happy and to be in the center of everyone’s attention. Always communicate nicely, even if you are stressed out or nervous.

#5: We need huge time gaps between the ceremony and the reception. This is a mistake that should generally be avoided, by making sure that the reception is no more than an hour away from the ceremony ending, which is more than enough time for the guests to make it from one location to the other. If they have to wait for too long, guests will be put in the awkward situation of having to wait.

#6: Far away locations are the best one for a special wedding. That is entirely false. The further away the wedding is, the lower the chances are of people actually showing up. Maybe your family and a couple of friends can overcome this financial commitment, but most guests will find it uncomfortable to spend money to travel for your wedding.

#7: Brides want to make their own wedding dress. Some creative brides decide that they want to make their own wedding dress. If you really want to make sure that the results match your expectations and that you’ll be resting like a princess on your wedding day instead of sewing your dress, trust a designer or buy an already-made wedding gown.

#8: Letting the parents put together the guest list. It’s been a while since parents were responsible with planning their children’s weddings and their guests list as well. You are now free to speak up your mind. It’s your wedding and you and your spouse should be responsible with the people you choose to accompany you on this day. Send an invite to the people that you really want to have with you and don’t just randomly invite people you don’t know just to please your parents and in-laws.

#9: Fiancé? He can wait. You may be super busy with the pre-wedding planning, but that is no excuse to neglect your future husband. It’s not just your wedding, do don’t leave him lying on the couch while you’re out choosing flowers. Enjoy your time together, plan things together or at least ask for his opinion once in a while.

#10: Other weddings are awesome! They really are. But just because you attended a wedding you thought was cool, you don’t need to turn your into an exact replica. Don’t worry if your wedding doesn’t have fancy fireworks or hard-to-pronounce cocktails. The wedding should be all about defining who you are as a couple.


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