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Colorful Macarons

If you are getting married, macarons are a delicious treat that will make your big day extra special. They are elegant and colorful, thus making them perfect for any wedding theme you select for your special day. There are several incredible ways you can arrange macarons.

Macarons can add color to your wedding and a lovely and eye-catching arrangement on the table will be a good conversation starter among the guests seated at the same table. You can select the color combinations and arrangement based on your wedding theme.

Are you in favor of serving macaron wedding favors? If you are, but you are short on ideas or in dire need for some serious inspiration, here are some delicious macaron wedding favor ideas:

1. Two-in-One Macaron Wedding Favors

A cake tower made from macarons can double as a wedding favor and cake. You can go for a macaron cake tower, using colors that match the décor of your venue. If you want, you can have both, a macaron cake tower and individual macarons.

2. Macaron Ornaments on a Pine Tree

Your guests will walk away with a small pine tree in a vase with macaron ornaments hanging down from it. You can choose from a variety of different colors to create a colorful décor on the pine tree. If you are having a December wedding, go for this idea.

Another way to hang these macaron ornaments is on the back of your chairs. You can either just use them to decorate your wedding chairs or every chair at the venue. Guests can take the macaron ornament with them when they leave the venue. Who doesn’t like edible ornaments, right? Therefore, this idea is deliciously perfect.

3. A Box of Individual Macarons

You can create individual boxes of macarons to place at every table for every guest to take home with them after the wedding. You can place three macarons in a plastic box tied with a bow. You can get colorful macarons as well as opt for hand-painted macarons. Make them a part of your wedding to enhance the elegance of the décor.

4. Macaron Trinket Boxes

Search for macaron trinket boxes online to get them for your wedding. If you are having a fairytale or royal-themed wedding, these will fit right in with both these themes. However, only opt for macaron trinket boxes if your budget allows, as they are a little on the expensive side.

If you want to do something special for your maid of honor and bridesmaid, you can give them these macaron trinket boxes. You can still have macarons as wedding favors but choose a less costly option to do so.

5. Macaron-Shaped Bath Bombs

Now, do not eat these because they are not edible. They are bath bombs shaped into macarons. You can gift them to your guests. After they go home from your wedding, they can rest their feet by taking a relaxing bath by putting these fizz bombs inside the bathtub.

Some of the scents available include almond, red grape, blackcurrant, rose, peach, raspberry, and passion fruit. They are made from sea salt and essential oils. They will be extremely nourishing, thus making them a great wedding favor idea.

6. Emoji Macarons

A lighthearted wedding favor that will make your guests smile and laugh at the same time. You can pick your favorite emojis to turn them into emoji macarons. Your wedding will definitely be all over social media with guests showing their mood by holding it up.

If you want, you can customize the faces you want to create on the macaron. For instance, you can have a bride and groom macaron emoji. You can have pet emojis or whatever emoji that complements your wedding theme and colors.

7. Macaron-Topped Cupcakes

You can top cupcakes with macarons. You can serve the guests cupcakes topped with a macaron of your choice. If you are considering strawberry cheese cupcakes, top it with a strawberry colored macaron. Since there are so many colors available for you to choose from, finding a color that goes with the flavor of your cupcakes is perfect.

8. Donut-Themed Macaron

You can gift a pack of three-donut-themed macarons to the guests at your wedding. The only difference in these and original macarons is that they have a hole poked through with sprinkles, icing, and drizzles on them to make them look like classic donut flavors.

9. Pens with a Macaron-Themed Lid

Your guests can write their thoughts on the book with a pen with a macaron-themed lid. You can place the pen, one for each guest, at the table. However, a macaron-themed pen also makes a nice addition to the gift bag for the bachelorette party. Your maid of honor and bridesmaid planning a bridal shower can also hand these out to the guests they invite to it.

10. Macaron-Themed Bookmarks

Macaron-themed bookmarks will not be used for books because they will be eaten up, but you can place them in a small book. The book can have a picture of you and your groom or some other sweet moment you want to share with your guests with a macaron-themed bookmark placed in it.

You can select from a wide range of colors and flavors. If you do not want edible bookmarks, but want your guests to use them later, you can buy macaron bookmarks created using polymer clay. If you are having a book-themed wedding or have chosen a theme from a book you both really enjoy, these macaron bookmarks are right up your alley.

We have provided you with several macaron wedding favor ideas. You can choose one that will suit your theme, or you can customize a macaron. If you do not want to have the typical type of wedding favors at your wedding, having a macaron wedding favor will change that.

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