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Everyone will tell you that the memories of your wedding day will always be with you in your heart and you will forever treasure the moments you’ve spent with your spouse and loved ones. However, nothing will ever convince a bride not to get the best photographer she can afford. No matter how treasured these moments are, a bride wants physical proof that she looked like a princess on her wedding day, so that’s why the photographer and videographers are two of the vendors that make the most money in the wedding industry.

Of course, it is important to have a very talented and skilled photographer and videographer, but there are moments when, even if we want to look our best in photos, it’s not up to them. No matter how great of a professional the photographer is, he won’t be able to take good picture without some effort on your behalf. This doesn’t mean that you need to force yourself to look good in pictures; it only means that you should be natural, while also paying attention to the following aspects.


What you need to do for successful photos/videos:

  • Try to smile throughout the entire event. Never forget that this is the happiest day of your life.
  • Talk to the photographer and videographer and let them know when an important moment comes up: like a toast or your father-daughter dance.
  • Tell the photographer and videographer when you have special requirements for certain pictures.
  • Always make sure that your dress is in top shape.
  • When you walk into the ceremony venue, do it slow. Same rule applies for the reception venue. You will give your photo and videographer the chance to immortalize these key moments.
  • When you’re kissing in the church or at the reception, make it a longer kiss, for the reason as the one stated above.

Try to avoid:

  • Long conversations or arguments with your spouse during key moments of the event (inside the church, in front of the officiant, during your couple dance, group photos, etc.)
  • Frowning.
  • Entering or leaving each of the venues with your head bowed.
  • Nervously looking right and left the entire time during the ceremony or reception.



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