Mum help: cloth diaper sprayer picks for less poop hassle

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Nobody likes cleaning poop. Not you, not me. Nobody!

To me, raising a baby is inarguably the most fascinating, eye-opening experience a woman might have. Cleaning soiled diapers, though… Ugh, the exact opposite!

I won’t lie to you: having a cloth diaper sprayer isn’t a must. You can live without it. But a good diaper sprayer will cut on the poopy time so you can do more pleasant stuff.

They aren’t that expensive either. Even the best diaper sprayer for me (that would be SmarterFresh’s one) is quite affordable.

I could blast you with a dozen of anti-poop sprayers. But the truth is, most models are practically identical. I mean, you basically want a cloth diaper sprayer to:

  • Be easy to install and attach to your toilet supply line

  • Be consistent with spraying the poo poo off

  • Not leak after a few weeks, please

Not much room for product diversification, right? That’s why I’ll review my 2 top picks for diaper sprayers and a very important complementary product, the Spray Pal.

Fasten your seatbelt, grab the smelly, soiled fabrics and get ready to introduce some convenience to your mum life!

1. My vote for best cloth diaper sprayer:
SmarterFresh sprayer

SmarterFresh: an easy to install, best cloth sprayer (and by that I mean made for DIAPERS!)

Affordable, durable, easy to install…and a set including everything you’ll ever need for clean diapers. SmarterFresh is your anti-poo help even in the direst, dirtiest situations.

What you’ll get here are:

  • The sprayer head itself (good quality stainless steel)

  • The T Valve adapter (brass)

  • The hook holder (so you can actually attach it to the toilet)

  • The metal sprayer hose (the water has to flow somewhere, right!)

In most cases, this set of gadgets is enough to get your new diaper sprayer functioning in just a few minutes. (Besides a wrench, but I sure hope you or your hubby have at least one lying around!)

Now, what most people actually care about is the amount of pressure you’ll get with sprayers. I find that SmarterFresh doesn’t compromise: the stream is strong and consistent, without being over the top.

By “being over the top” I mean that moment when poo splatters across your walls and everything is suddenly a bigger mess and you just want to sob and give up.

No different modes here. Instead, you have only one settings that is, however, sensitive. In other words, how hard you squeeze the diaper sprayer combined with your water’s usual pressure will give you some control over the stream.

It all depends on how soiled are your baby’s diapers. Throttle it when there’s not much poo, give it more power when the poo is extra stubborn.

You can get the SmarterFresh diaper sprayer for cloth diapers in either brass or stainless steel. Some people think the brass is more premium, but I’m a fan of steel anyways.

You have a shut off valve you can turn off between uses. Why? Well, especially if you have another small kid, they might think of the sprayer as their new water gun toy. Complications, complications…

2. Runner up toilet sprayer for cloth diapers:
Bumworks sprayer

A great pick for cloth diaper sprayer, BumWorks is quite affordable too

What a name! I admit it made me giggle the first time I saw it. Bumworks might sound humorous, but the diaper sprayer behind the brand is very solid.

The material here is brass chrome, and you’ll get the exact same set of things as SmarterFresh. In other words, all you needed.

I have to note that the metal spray hose here has this braided inner hose inside making things sooo much smoother and durable.

So why a runner up? Honestly, I don’t like the sprayer’s design as much, and also I feel SmarterFresh has a slightly more consistent stream. This could be only my personal observations, though.

Regardless, you have similar flow control with Bumworks and no real “modes” as we would expect. Then again, a cloth diaper sprayer is something that’s meant to be as simple as possible, right?

You just want it to have enough power to spray that poo of and leave your little treasure’s diapers clean.

Bumworks works the best if you have a shorter flex line that connects the toilet tank and the valve. So for optimal results, make sure you keep to that. Like the previous model, it’s also easy to install as long as you have the standard 7/8″ toilet connection.

3. Optional product that makes things easier:
SprayPal splatter shield

SprayPal minimizes the dirty leftover poopy mess after you've sprayed your baby's cloth diapers.

Sometimes weaker streams can’t help you with cleaning diaper poop. Once you increase the pressure, though, you’re left with splatters across the bathroom. Poopy walls can hardly be called attractive and only prolong your cleaning time.

SprayPal takes care of that. Between its walls as an anti-poop splatter “shield”, you can safely use your diaper sprayer to your heart’s content.

In other words, if you have frequent issues with stubborn soiled matter, this pal is your anti-poop superhero. A very basic idea, but one that’s genius in its simplicity.

Remember that the bottom end of the shield is open, so always make sure it’s right above your toilet bowl.

In fact, you can use it for a lot of other stuff: even extra dirty clothes that might otherwise splatter around too!

Cleaning is ridiculously easy and depends on how you prefer to do things. You can rinse it with a sprayer and wipe the insides with hygienic wipes, or a paper towel. Or, you might mix detergent with water, use vinegar, get the disinfecting sprays out…

What matters is that cleaning the shield takes only a few seconds.

It also folds up flat so you save on space, instead of it staying bulky and cluttering your toilet. Spray Pal is also somewhat compact: back side is 10″, its height is around 15 3/4″ and the doors open at up to 7 1/4″.

How do I install a diaper sprayer?

Quite easy! As long as you have the standard 7/8″ toilet intake and water supply line connection, setting a sprayer for cloth diapers should take you no more than 5-10 minutes.

Remember to place the T valve between the toilet connection and the water supply properly, though.

Here’s a video demonstrating the whole process:

Can I use a diaper sprayer as a bidet too?

Theoretically, you can…and some brands note that you can indeed do that.

But honestly, I wouldn’t. The pressure can feel way too strong, at least for me and my sensitive bottom parts.

Bidets are more gentle and the better ones have a few modes you can pick from to adjust the stream. Not to mention some of them allow you to have warm water sprays, instead freezing, uncomfortable jets targeted at your buttocks.

You can try it out if you wish, but I didn’t like the experience!

What should I do if my sprayer is leaking?

First, check the connections. If it’s somewhere around the ends (around the hookup, for example), try securing it/tightening it.

Thread seal tape might come in handy too.

If it’s on the hose itself, you probably got a defective sprayer. Contacting your seller’s customer service will be the best way to solve this. If you’re under a warranty, they should replace it, as a leaking sprayer is unusable, after all.

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